PETS 101

  • DO NOT let your pet pee on the marble columns.
  • DO NOT let your pet relieve themselves in common areas. A cleaning fee will be charged to the owner if it is required due to a pet accident.
  • DO NOT leave your pets on your balcony or terrace unattended.
The columns around The Met are marble and when your dog pees on the marble it can stain and damage them which could result in costly repairs.
  • Try and get your pet to the street or the park area on Granby to relieve themselves. We do know that sometimes it is not preventable, but try your best to not damage The Met property.
  • Register your pet. All pets must be registered with management. Unregistered pets will not be allowed to remain on the property.

Pets - September 2019 (PDF)

This is an excerpt of from the September 2019 Rules.
The Met rules state that state each unit can only own up to two pets. Pets can not exceed 50lbs / 22.7kgs.
The Met has a Pet Spa! It is located on the back side of Elevator 3. Click here for more information about the pet spa.

  • Last Reviewed: September 12, 2019