Multi Purpose Room

  1. All bookings shall be made through Condo Control Central and may be made no more than six months in advance. The Manager may require such information from any party applying for the use of any Room, as the Manager deems reasonable or appropriate in its sole discretion.
  2. The application form can be found on Condo Control Central, shall be completed in full, signed by the Resident and returned to confirm booking. The Resident must be present during booked events.
  3. The Resident shall provide a security/cleaning deposit in such amount as the Manager may determine at the time of the reservation (hereinafter referred to as the "Deposit"), which is currently $750.00. If the Deposit is not paid to the Management by way of a cheque or money order then the Management shall cancel the reservation.
  4. Subsequent to any event being held, the Manager shall determine if any damage has been done to the Room and shall notify the Resident who rented the Room, the extent of the damage. In the event that no damage has been done, the Deposit, less a reasonable deduction for cleaning charges (currently $75.00) and the cost of a Security Guard for the event, shall be returned to the Resident who booked the Room. In the event that there is damage to the Room, the Manager shall be empowered to apply the whole or any portion of the Deposit to the cost of repairing or rectifying such damage. In the event that the Deposit is insufficient to pay for the damage and cleaning expenses, the Resident shall immediately reimburse the Manager for all sums expended by the Manager, in excess of the Deposit, in order to repair or rectify the damage and clean the Room.
  5. Noisy or rowdy behaviour is prohibited.
  6. No loud music shall be permitted in the Party Room.
  7. All functions must be terminated as of 1:00 a.m. and all Residents and Guests must thereafter immediately vacate the Room.
  8. Residents using the party room are responsible for gathering loose garbage and leaving the room tidy and in  a presentable state once the event is over.
  9. Decorations are not to be attached to any part of the party room walls, kitchen counter, blinds, furniture etc.
  10. A security guard must be retained to monitor the access to (and egress from) any party room or meeting room during the reserved event. The cost of retaining said security guard shall be paid for (or reimbursed by) the Resident in whose name the reservation has been made.
  11. No alcohol shall be sold (whether for profit or otherwise) at any function within the Party Room.
  12. The resident booking the room will be responsible for their guests and any damage done to the building by their guests.

  • Last Reviewed: June 25, 2019