For more detailed information about booking and using the elevator, click here.

  • DO NOT move items through the glass front doors.
  • DO NOT bring BICYCLES into the elevators. Bicycles are not allowed in the common areas or elevators.
  • DO NOT EVER prop your hallway door open AND have your balcony door or windows open at the same time. The air flow caused by this will make the elevators shut down since they are sensitive high speed elevators. Your hallway door should never be propped open unless you are moving in or out.
  • Book the elevator for moving in/out or receiving a delivery.
  • Wear appropriate clothing in elevators when using the pool facilities.
When moving, a $500 deposit is required and also a $100 non-refundable fee will be charged. Please see the Elevator Reservation Agreement on Condo Control for full details.
Security will send out alerts when an elevator is down and when it comes back up so you can adjust your travel time accordingly when leaving the building. Click here to find out how to receive these alerts.
The elevator can not be booked for moving or deliveries on Saturday afternoon or Sundays.

  • Last Reviewed: September 12, 2019