Change Rooms

  1. Any Resident or Guest using the change room must supply his or her own lock. In the event that a Resident or Guest leaves items unattended within a change room (i.e. which have not been stored or locked within a locker), then the Resident or Guest shall be fully responsible for any loss or damage occasioned thereto.
  2. Lockers within the change rooms are reserved only for the use of Residents and/or Guests.
  3. Locks must not be left on any locker overnight.
  4. No Resident or Guest shall wear any wet or muddy footwear into the change rooms.
  5. Boisterous or rowdy behaviour or conduct is strictly prohibited within the change rooms.
  6. No body or foot powder may be used within the change rooms, inasmuch as same may create a mess and/or a slippery hazardous condition.
  7. When showering, please make sure the curtain is closed. If water is splashed on the floor it may become slippery and can be quite hazardous, similarly with powders. Please make sure all faucets are closed tightly when done.

  • Last Reviewed: June 24, 2019