Balcony and Terrace Guidelines

  1. Balconies, terraces, patios and exclusive use areas shall not be used for cooking and barbecuing, except where natural gas lines were originally installed by the Declarant.
  2. No hanging or drying of clothes is allowed on any balcony, patio, terrace, or from any window or exclusive use area. No pulley clotheslines or other similar apparatus shall be affixed to any Unit or to any Common Element area including balconies.
  3. Balconies, terraces and exclusive use areas shall not be used for the storage of any garbage, goods or materials.
  4. Only seasonal furniture is allowed on balconies, terraces and exclusive use areas. All such items shall be safely secured in order to prevent such items from being blown off the balcony or exclusive use areas by high winds.
  5. No Owner or Resident shall do or permit anything to be done on a balcony, terrace or exclusive use area which does or may unreasonably disturb, annoy or interfere with the comfort and/or quiet enjoyment of the Units and/or exclusive use Common Elements by other Owners or Residents.
  6. Each Owner and Resident shall maintain their balcony or patio in a clean and sightly manner. No bicycles shall be stored on any balcony, patio or terrace. Only seasonal furniture is allowed on balconies and patios.
  7. Washing of balcony, terrace and patio floors and/or watering of plants on balconies and terraces shall be done in a manner that ensures no water falls to any balcony or terrace below.
  8. No Owner or Resident may place or install flooring materials, including, but not limited to, tiles, wooden slats, or carpeting, on the balconies. terraces and/or exclusive use Common Elements unless prior approval is received from the Board. Owners will be personally responsible for the cost of removing all flooring materials from the concrete floors of the balconies and/or exclusive use Common Elements if such flooring materials were placed or installed without the Board’s prior approval and/or are requested by the Board to be removed.
  9. No Owner or Resident may place or install pigeon netting on the balconies or terraces.
  10. No balcony, patio or terrace enlargement or enclosure shall be installed, erected or created, without the prior written consent of the Board.
  11. Only Units having a natural gas receptacle installed by the Declarant in their balcony, terrace or front yard shall be permitted to barbeque on their respective balcony terrace or front yard. Such Dwelling Units must have their barbeques connected to the natural gas system and may no fuel their barbeques from any other source whatsoever. All barbeques must be properly maintained, must be kept in good working order and must meet Fire Safety Standards.

Materials stored in balconies constitute a hazard as the wind tunnel effect that occurs between the two buildings could cause blowing off and cause serious injury.

  • Last Reviewed: November 27, 2019