Access Cards / Garage Remotes

Each suite owner will also be supplied with two (2) perimeter access cards, which provide easy access to the exercise room and main entranceways. Tenants requesting additional access card(s) must produce a signed lease agreement showing the name of the person on the lease (or sublease) being issued the swipe card or fob; and must produce an email authorization from the registered owner, at the time of their request before it is issued and pay any applicable charge at a cost of $35/-. The maximum access card allowed per unit is four. Residents should make arrangements to obtain access cards with the management for all housekeeping, dog walkers and caregiver.

A garage remote has been provided to each parking stall. The transmitters are used to gain entry to the parking garage. If you lose a transmitter or if the transmitter is broken, notify the Management Office or security desk immediately and they will issue a replacement at a cost of $100/-.

The garage door entrance is intended to allow only one vehicle entry at a time. Any driver entering behind another vehicle without using the transmitter runs the risk of damaging their vehicle and/or the common elements. Please use the transmitter at all times, even if the garage door is in the open position, in order to reset the timer and to avoid damage to the vehicle.

For more details please contact the Property Management office.

  • Last Reviewed: June 25, 2019