A New Way to Contact Security

Security may be with busy with another resident or dealing with a delivery person and may not be able to answer the phone. You may want to alert them that the garbage chute is down or that your delivery is expected and you will pick it up upon receipt. These are the type of non-emergency situations where you can use Telegram Messenger to contact Security.

Set up is easy, go to the App Store or Google Play Store and download the application to your phone. Once you have it setup you can also download the application to your computer or any other device.

Once you are up and running connect with security. Click on the link https://t.me/TheMetSecurity or search within the app for @TheMetSecurity. You can also point your phone at the QR code below so you don't have to type anything in!

Once You are Connected

Please send a message to Security introducing yourself. Please include what suite you are in. Security will create a NEW group that includes you and anyone else that may have joined from your suite. The suite will be named with your suite number. This will allow ANY security agent who is working to know who they are talking to and find your conversation easily.

Get Bulletin Updates

Security also has a Bulletin Group. This will allow Security to message to any subscribers all at once with news like: The Elevator is back up, Don't forget there is a fire alarm test scheduled for today or The garbage chute is down

You can join this group at https://t.me/themetsecurityupdates or point your phone at the QR code below so you don't have to type anything in!

Please do not use Telegram Messenger for EMERGENCIES. If there is a flood, fire or any other urgent situation, please call or visit security in person depending on the situation. 

  • Last Reviewed: July 6, 2019